I first moved to Nottingham from Manchester over 20 years ago, when my partner at the time wanted to come back home.  Then in my early 20s, I found a vibrant and exciting city music scene that wasn’t getting anything like the exposure it deserved.  I resolved to do something about this through setting up an online radio programme called ‘Notts Live’ to promote local bands and where you could see them play.  This rewarding venture ran for five successful years before I stepped down from the project on becoming a father.

Parenthood happened shortly after I first came to Kimberley.  On moving to the area, I found a wonderful place in which people really care about where they live and are welcoming of newcomers who want to be part of our community.  I soon became immersed in local life, serving as a Cub Leader at Kettlebrook Lodge.  I have also found the ideal outlet for my passion for music through helping set up The Kimberley Jam.  The Jam is a music festival which benefits local charitable organisations, helps provide a financial boost to local businesses, and brings residents together to celebrate our awesome town.

Bainy Bain 2My two daughters currently attend local primary and secondary schools and I regularly speak with andunderstand the concerns of fellow parents.  I believe the knowledge I have gained from conversations such as these will help me be an effective community representative.  I know, for instance, housing is an important concern for many in Kimberley, particularly for younger people.  I have many friends who would like to live in their own home but cannot afford to rent or buy accommodation.  If elected to the Council I would urge Broxtowe to make the provision of more housing a major priority.   I am convinced a future Labour government working together with our Council has the policies that offer the best opportunity of remedying this growing crisis.

Parking is an issue for residents, especially in relation to the daily drop off and pick up times around our schools.  Parents and students understandably want safe passage during the busiest morning and afternoon periods.  Residents in the immediate vicinity of schools are concerned about the environmental impact of increased volumes of traffic at peak time.  I would like to work together with representatives of these groups as well as teachers to explore ways in which we could address and alleviate this problem.

Kimberley JamShould I be elected in May I would press to introduce Community Action Team meetings.  These events happen routinely in other parts of the Borough and I believe this is a missed opportunity that could greatly benefit Kimberley through providing a Council supported forum for local people to raise issues.  I know, for instance, residents have recently expressed concerns over the recent crop of high-profile criminal incidents of the kind that are fortunately still unusual for our town.  I feel regular Kimberley CAT events would help foster an important public dialogue between members of the community, the police, the Council and whichever other local agencies to identify and help resolve any given problem.