Hello there Broxtowe Labour activists!!


My name is Lisa Clarke, I am the campaigns officer for Broxtowe constituency Labour party and this is the Broxtowe Campaigns page 

The page will be updated on a regular basis (I’m aiming for once a week) so do please keep checking back.


Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or have never done any campaigning before, we hope you will find something here that you feel you can get involved in.

The campaigns and links below refer to stalls, ongoing campaign groups covering specific issues and any planned meetings or demonstrations, but this page will only be as good as the information you provide, so please do keep in touch –

  • If you are involved in or leading on a campaign in the area and would like to publicise it here
  • If you are starting or would like to start a new campaign and would like support
  • If you you would like to get involved in any other way in campaign work in Broxtowe

You can email me at

Current Campaigns


Health Campaigns

A group called Nottingham West Health Concern meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Beeston Library, at 7pm upstairs.
You can find out more about this group by emailing their contact Konnie Lloyd  at
There is also now a new Facebook page here for Broxtowe Labour members keen to organise and get involved in campaigning around the issue of health
PLEASE NOTE – these are closed pages and you will therefore need to wait for approval by members to join
Junior Doctors strike 10th February 8:00-12:30pm QMC, followed by a gathering in Nottingham Market Square 1:00-4:00pm.
 Asylum and Refugees
The group Nottingham Solidarity with Refugees and Migrants  Facebook page has up to date info about meetings and demonstrations.
There have been some very well attended demonstrating on the issue of refugees in Nottingham and many Labour members have attended as well as being involved in organising.

Anti Fracking Campaigns

Broxtowe Labour are against Fracking

There is a petition against fracking in Broxtowe here

This is a cross party issue and groups and campaigns are not Labour run and are therefore open to all. You will find lots of active local Labour members there

Frack Free Nottingham are the Nottinghamshire campaign against Unconventional Hydrocarbons (Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas Fracking) and have great expertise. You can visit their website here and they have a Facebook page here  both of which contain useful links to information and upcoming events.

Locally there is a NO FRACKING IN BROXTOWE Facebook page here and the more local group Frack Free Beeston Facebook page here 

There is a Fracking Education day in Nottingham on Saturday 13th February. See Frack Free Notts event for details.

PLEASE NOTE – these are closed pages and you will therefore need to wait for approval by members to join

Broxtowe CLP Women’s group

Now is the the time for all things FEMINIST and our Women’s Forum has some great ideas about providing training, making meetings more accessible and campaigning on subjects of women’s services and sexual violence education programs as well as sex and relationship education in schools.

Ellie Turpin is the Women’s Officer for the Broxtowe and you can contact her at

We will post dates of any meetings here and if you have any agenda items to add, or campaigning ideas please bring them along.
Keep checking back for more info
Education Campaign
There is a very active group Hands off Our Schools –  a local Anti Academies Alliance campaign composed of unions, parents, pupils, teachers, councillors and MPs.
This web page and this Facebook page   will allow you to keep up to date with action and demonstrations in Nottingham. This is the Nottingham branch of the national organisation against academy status in schools. They also campaign against the setting up of Free Schools.
There is also a new Nottingham & Nottinghamshire-based campaign called ‘Nottingham Campaign 4 Education’. Visit their website here and follow them on Twitter @nottmcampaign4ed.
 EU Referendum
We have a Broxtowe Labour Campaigns Officer who will be organising our local campaign to remain in the EU. There is a Labour In For The East Midlands conference on 13th February. Members of Broxtowe Labour can sign up here.
Austerity and Welfare Campaign group
This is a new group set up following a recent local conference. You can find them on Facebook here please do join them and bring your enthusiasm and ideas
PLEASE NOTE – these are closed pages and you will therefore need to wait for approval by members to join
Transport Campaign
This group has the brief of looking into both Transport and Rail Re-Nationalisation as campaign issues.
Their inaugural meeting has just taken place and we are waiting on details of the nextFor more info please email
Trade Unions
The government trade union bill is currently attempting to reduce the rights and freedoms of trade unions. Nottingham Trade Union campaigns can be accessed via the Nottingham and Mansfield Trade Council Facebook page here
The social movement which has emerged from the extraordinary….well….momentum.. of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaign has a website here and a local East Midlands Facebook page here
Local Campaigns
There is currently a local campaign against closure of public toilets across the borough. The 38 Degrees petition is here
There is a campaign to keep cash offices in the borough open and the petition for that is here
There is a petition against the closure of the Beeston Crown Post Office here
Also more info coming soon on campaigns around –
  • Housing
  • The Human Rights Act
  • TTIP
  • Climate Change

If you are interested in getting involved but can’t find what you need here please contact me at