County Council elections on 4 May

Can you help us in this year’s County Council elections?
There is just over two weeks left before people from right across the East Midlands will be voting in this year’s County Council elections – can you help us win for Labour in these vital elections?

These elections are vitally important for Labour here in the East Midlands. We’re working hard to make sure we keep control of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire councils under the leadership of Cllr Anne Western and Cllr Alan Rhodes, and we’ll be working hard to get more councillors elected in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, but we need your help.

Can you help on polling day? If you have some time to spare and can come along to one of our campaign centres and help us on polling day then please sign up here. Your help on the day could make all the difference.

Help us send the Tories a message that it’s only Labour Councils that are standing up and fighting to protect the services that local people rely on.

Don’t worry if you’ve not campaigned before, there will be lots of friendly people around to lend you a hand.

Not able to help on polling day? Then please consider making a donation to help our campaign
Over the last few weeks and months we’ve delivered thousands of pieces of campaign literature to voters right across the region, but with less than three weeks left, there’s still lots to do.

Unlike the Tories who rely on big donors, our campaigns are run on small donations from people just like you.

If you’re unable to help us on polling day, then please consider donating to our campaign. Just £5 would enable us to print 100 polling day leaflets.

Donate to our campaign and help us reach more people in this election, and help get Labour’s message across. You can donate here.

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