Greg Marshall





I had the absolute privilege of being your candidate in the General Election.  In 2017, with your support, we delivered Labour’s second highest ever vote in Broxtowe and came within 863 votes of unseating Anna Soubry.

I have spent my life in Broxtowe, the place I have always called home.  I understand the communities that make up this constituency better than any rival candidate standing in this election. This is because I was raised in Attenborough, attended Meadow Lane, College House, and Chilwell Comprehensive schools, and now live in Beeston with my wife and two children.

With the Tories in disarray, Labour is a government in waiting. We present a bold vision for Broxtowe. I am standing to reverse this lost decade of Tory rule, defend our public services, and offer hope to all.



As a local councillor and active trade unionist, I have a record of standing up for working people. I can think of no greater honour than to be reselected as your candidate and represent you in Parliament.  My pledges to you:

  • Anti-austerity.  Defending our public services will be my absolute priority.
  • A Full-Time MP.  I will spend as much time in the constituency as possible. Broxtowe is my home and serving you and our community will be my only job.
  • Defending Democracy.  I will be a campaigning MP. I established Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP and, if elected, I will continue to campaign against the Far Right.
  • Community Politics.  I will make sure our Constituency Labour Party is at the heart of public life, working alongside trade unions and local groups.
  • From Broxtowe, For Broxtowe.  I will keep a fully staffed constituency office and take on cases five days a week.



  • An Economy That Works For All.  Broxtowe needs an alternative economic plan that is based on fair pay and decent working conditions. As a Councillor, I have successfully pushed for Broxtowe Council to become a Living Wage employer and adopt an anti-blacklisting policy when recruiting staff.  I believe that a future Labour government should work to return Britain to full employment and offer a meaningful job for all. These principles will guide me in Parliament.


  • Tackling the Housing Crisis.  I will work to deliver better homes in Broxtowe. It’s now harder than ever to get on the property ladder or to find a secure tenancy. Housing is the silent scandal in our country, and Labour must proudly make the case for more social and affordable homes.


  • Protecting Your National Health Service.  The NHS is Labour’s greatest achievement and eventually, we all come to rely on it.  However, Tory cuts are starting to bite and the slow drip of privatisation is having dire consequences for our services. We live in the fifth wealthiest country in the world, and we have the resources to care for our elderly, sick, and vulnerable.  A future Labour Government will revive our NHS and I will fight to ensure that Broxtowe receives our fair share of new funding.


  • Opportunities for Young People. We need to offer opportunities and hope for young people. That’s why I support Labour’s vision to scrap university tuition fees and to invest in Further Education. We urgently need to level the playing field for young workers and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get on in life. I believe that apprentices should be paid a living wage, and young people deserve the same rate of pay as everybody else for their work.


  • Resolving Brexit. The Tories have had three and a half years to deliver Brexit- including a period when Boris Johnson was in control of policy as Foreign Secretary.  But they’ve failed to resolve this crisis because they never worked together with others for the benefit of the country. It doesn’t make sense to leave such a critical national matter in the hands of the Tories.  Labour would secure a new deal within three months and put that deal to the public for a final say vote within six months. Residents would be able to choose the new Brexit deal or to remain. I campaigned for Remain in 2016 and I would do so again- but I will always be your Broxtowe voice in Parliament.


Greg Marshall

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate

Broxtowe Constituency