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The ‘hard left’? Or just regular local people?

If you follow what Anna Soubry publishes online you may have noticed her referring to local Labour members as ‘the hard left’. It’s a phrase often used in the right-wing media to create an illusion that Labour members are people with ‘dangerous’ ideas who should be feared.

So who are these local people who Anna thinks you should be so afraid of, and what do they think about their MP calling them ‘hard left’? We asked some of our members for their views…

Melesia Burchall Hard Left


I’m Melesia Burchell and I live with my family in Chilwell. I joined Labour because I like what they and Jeremy Corbyn have to offer for us all. I am a working mum, and also a wheelchair user, so education and health are particularly important issues to me. When Anna Soubry calls me and my fellow local Labour members ‘hard left’ it’s really insulting. There’s nothing ‘hard’ about wanting to stand up for local people and public services, or thinking we can be a society that takes care of those in the greatest need. We don’t need name calling in politics, especially from the MP elected to represent us.


Ken Elmer Hard Left



My name is Ken Elmer and I live in Trowell. I’m in the Labour Party, and I often get involved in Labour activities and events. Labour is about bringing people together and looking out for those who need our help. When Anna says we are the ‘hard left’ to be honest it makes me laugh. She has never met me or anyone else that I know in Broxtowe Labour – but if she did, she would find it’s full of regular people just like you and me. Retired people, working people, students, teachers, firefighters, shop workers, parents – all kinds of people, from all walks of life, all working together to make Broxtowe a better place. There’s nothing ‘hard’ about anyone! Maybe Anna should come along to one of our meetings to see there is nothing to be afraid of.


There you go then Anna. An invitation to meet with the local people you refer to as ‘the hard left’. Will you take them up on the offer? Feel free to drop us a line…