Labour: Standing Up For Broxtowe

Tory Cuts

Tory Cuts

  • Do you realise the Tories in Nottinghamshire are planning to abolish our Borough Council?
  • And did you know that Broxtowe’s own Conservatives have actively supported this proposal?
  • Were you aware the very same Tories who voted to close down Broxtowe only a few months ago now want your support this coming Thursday in the election to decide who runs the Borough Council?


We strongly oppose the Tories’ abolition plans and urge you,

for the sake of local democracy,

 to Stand up For Broxtowe by Voting Labour on 2nd May.


The Conservative led County Council has drawn up plans to abolish Broxtowe and every other Nottinghamshire Borough to create a new ‘super’ authority.  After reportedly wasting nearly £250,000 of public money on a process which included a botched ‘consultation’, the Tories have been forced to pause their pet project.  They have, however, threatened to bring it back in the future.  Labour strongly opposes the plans because they are deeply flawed and profoundly undemocratic.

Labour believe centralising everything in a huge council based at West Bridgford’s already overstretched County Hall would further undermine the provision and quality of local services.  Borough Councils are, by design, closer to the communities they represent and this makes their decision-making processes more sensitive to the needs of the public they serve.  The last thing we need now is for Broxtowe to disappear and with it a vital opportunity for people to vote and democratically participate in the running of our community.

Abolishing Broxtowe would inevitably lead to a costly and hugely disruptive reorganisation of our Council services.  This in a local authority sector already in crisis because of the massive cuts imposed by the Tories at Westminster.  Councils up and down country are struggling to cope with increasing demands on their diminshing resources.  You need look no further than Conservative controlled Northamptonshire to see the consequences of the government’s failed austerity measures: last year the County Council there spectacularly collapsed have effectively gone bankrupt.  Since then it has voted to dissolve itself.

Broxtowe Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Greg Marshall, currently seeking re-election having served on Broxtowe Council for the past 8 years, firmly opposes the proposal to dismantle our Borough and sees it as a legacy of the local Tories’ own abject failure over the last four years.  Speaking on behalf of all Labour’s candidates Greg commented:

“Broxtowe Council is still struggling to cope having previously received the worst deal foisted on a local authority  by central government.  The results of this have been disastrous for the delivery of our public services.  But instead of fighting for a better settlement from their supposed friends in Westminster, the Tory cabal running the Borough have signalled their real ambitions… by voting to abolish their own Council!”

Six senior Conservatives have served on Broxtowe Council while simultaneously sitting on Nottinghamshire County Council.  All of them supported the controversial proposal to abolish Broxtowe when the plans were voted on at County level last summer.  Yet the same six – including the Borough’s most recent leader- are standing for re-election to a Council they clearly no longer believe should continue to exist.  They have put loyalty to party dogma before the interests of the people they purport to serve.  Broxtowe Labour will do things differently, but we can only do so with your support this Thursday.


More than ever the Borough desperately needs a change of direction.

More than ever we need Councillors who will stand up for local democracy.

And more than ever:


Vote Labour 2nd May

April 29, 2019