Lisa Clarke for Toton & Chilwell Meadows

There is a local election on Thursday 18th February to elect a new councillor to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Lisa Clarke is our candidate for Toton & Chilwell Meadows

Lisa is an experienced and mature candidate with exceptional skills in campaigning and advocacy. Vote for Lisa for a strong local voice on issues that matter to you, whether greenbelt, fracking, HS2 and transport.

Read Lisa Clark’s election leaflet (PDF)

We want to hear from you!

  • Meet Lisa on Friday 4th February and Friday 12th February at Toton Tesco Community Room, 4:30pm-7pm
  • See Lisa’s Facebook page for more details and to get in touch
Lisa Clarke
Lisa Clarke

About Lisa

“I am local and always have been. I moved to Toton age 7, initially on Newland Close and later on Stapleford Lane. My father working for many years in Chilwell depot’s REME workshop and my Mother and Grandmother also working in the depot until the early 80’s (the area now Chilwell Meadows).

I’ve been a nurse at QMC for over 20 years, drawn to the profession by the overwhelming need to make real difference to peoples lives.
As a front line worker for 2 decades I am hugely proud of our NHS. It is a service recognised across the world for its excellence and cost effectiveness and yet now I see it constantly undermined and have never felt so concerned at the effect I see this having on care. I will always fight for a universal and free National Health Service as part of a complete welfare state that cares for ALL when we are most in need.

The NHS is not the only thing I am passionate about. Outside work, as well as caring for my family, I have volunteered for charities and run support groups. In more recent years, as my children have become more independent, I have become involved in political and feminist activism. I was one of the team that ran the No More Page 3 campaign – a 3 year high profile, national campaign, that finally successfully convinced The Sun newspaper to remove it’s Page 3 feature (We took on Rupert Murdoch and won!!)

I’ve been a Labour supporter always and a party member for about 3-4 years. I believe in Labour because I believe we take a stand on behalf of everyone. That the values we hold dear are the values of good, of a caring and equal society that would benefit everyone, not just a small elite.

If I win this seat I will stand up for everyone in Toton and Chilwell Meadows and represent them, just as I have represented my patients in my work as a nurse and the voices of many people in my activism. I continue to strive to make a difference to people individually and to society as a whole, with your vote I can make a real difference locally too.”


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