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Join us for May Day 2018

International Workers dayMay Day 2018

Each year workers around the world mark International Workers’ Day or May Day, and we are really excited that Nottinghamshire will celebrate May Day 2018 right here in Broxtowe.


International Workers day was founded in 1904 at the Sixth Congress of the Second International, an international body of socialist, communist and working class organisations.  Often known as May Day, or Labor Day in America, the day is now a public holiday in many countries around the world, including in the UK. Workers gather at rallies and marches across the county to celebrate their achievements and the rights they have won through trade union struggle and to bring together the battles they are fighting today.


On May Day we celebrate our collective action and solidarity in delivering improvements in workplace pay, safety, health and terms and conditions. We also remember that ongoing collective struggle is necessary to deliver a world free from war, poverty and deprivation. Ultimately, only socialism can secure the permanent freedom, security and prosperity of the international working class. 


May Day 2018 will see workers gather at rallies and marches across the country to protest against:

  • the Tory government’s cuts to the NHS, education, the social security system and the arts;
  • anti-trade union laws, support for repressive regimes and threats to peace; and
  • racism, attacks on disabled people, women’s rights and threats to civil liberties.


Our parliamentary candidate Greg Marshall said; “I’m very proud that Broxtowe Labour is supporting May Day 2018. We’ll be using the day to celebrate what has been achieved, and press forward our call for an end to austerity, for fair pensions and a Living Wage for all.”


Join the march on Saturday 5th May, assembling from 10.30 am at University Boulevard Tram Stop, with a rally at White Lion Pub in Beeston from 12 noon. Speakers will include our very own parliamentary candidate Greg Marshall and NHS nurse and Broxtowe Labour activist Lisa Clarke – along with UCU strikers from Nottingham University, UNISON care worker strikers from Birmingham and a wide range of local trade union and campaign speakers.

May Day 2018 promises to be a great day here in Broxtowe, and is open to all.

Join us.