A Strong Local Economy

High Street Broxtowe

  • Labour will invest in our town centres and protect them from continued growth of out of town retail parks.
  • We will bring back shop front improvement grants to encourage new businesses.
  • A Labour Council work with the new business rates system to develop rates that are locally responsive meaning businesses can flourish.
  • We aim to maximise the benefits from HS2 across the Borough through ensuring Broxtowe is at the centre of an East Midlands regeneration hub underpinned by manufacturing investment.
  • Labour plan to develop Bennerley Sidings as a rail freight interchange and potential maintenance depot, linked to HS2.
  • We support the extension of the tram through to Kimberley and Eastwood.
  • We will positively promote our cultural heritage.
  • As a Labour Council we want to enhance the visitors experience in Eastwood and other parts of Broxtowe to attract tourism.
  • We support the development of Beeston Phase 2


Housing Broxtowe

  • Labour will get Broxtowe building again. We will provide new, affordable homes in carefully planned locations and especially for younger people.
  • Older people deserve to live with dignity and respect. We will invest in building new properties dedicated to caring for people with dementia and disabilities.
  • A Labour Council will fully support retirement officers. The Tories in Broxtowe have tried to cut our ‘retirement living’ officers.¬† We will protect these vital jobs, ensuring that people visit our older and most vulnerable residents to ensure they are properly looked after.
  • We will provide a housing service that supports residents to stay in their own homes, offers tenants timely repairs, and is responsive to local needs.

Leisure and Our EnvironmentFracking Broxtowe

  • Leisure Services will be brought back under better democratic control. Under the Tories these services have fallen into disrepair, with many of the much-needed capital investment projects simply listed as ‘awaiting funding’.
  • Labour will invest in parks and open spaces, and better access to our wonderful countryside.
  • We plan to introduce wildlife corridors in our strategic developments.
  • We will use the voice of a Labour led Council to campaign against fracking and open cast mining in Broxtowe.
  • We will invest in improving recycling rates.

Safer Communities

Domestic Broxtowe

  • Together with the police, Labour will set up local forms to specifically to deal with crime in every community.
  • We will reinstate a dedicated domestic violence support officer for the Borough.
  • We will invest in a programme of education and direct action to support young people involved with drugs and Anti-social behaviour.
  • We will enhance support for families suffering from Anti-social behaviour
  • We will help to try and ensure our estates are clean, well maintained and free of crime

Support for Our Residents 

Safer Communities Broxtowe

  • Working with local charities and organisations we will help residents struggling to cope with the effects of Universal Credit.
  • A Labour Council will work closely with credit unions to promote affordable finance to local residents.
  • We will bring back payment facilities and information centres in each of our major town centres.
  • With Labour there will be no compulsory Council redundancies or further cuts to jobs and services.

Vote Labour 2nd May Broxtowe