School cuts are a national scandal – they are hitting Broxtowe schools hard

SOS Save our schools

SOS Save our schoolsNine in 10 schools across the country are facing billions in real-terms funding cuts. In Broxtowe that figure is even worse.  Thirty three of our 35 schools,  a massive 94%, face funding cuts according to the School Cuts website!/



  • £2.8bn has been cut from school budgets since 2015
  • £185.2k average cut to secondary schools
  • £45.4k average cut to primary schools


In Broxtowe, according to the School Cuts calculations Alderman White School in Bramcote is set to lose the most: £308,155 between 2015/16 and 2019/20. That’s £504 loss per pupil. The Kimberley School is next on the list (losing £265,204) and George Spencer Academy in Stapleford, losing £175,208, is the third worst hit.

Our primary schools are also being hit by these cuts. The School Cuts figures show that those with the highest proportion of pupils entitled to free school meals are losing the most. They show that Sunnyside Spencer Academy in Chilwell, where 50% of students received free school meals over the last six years, will lose £132,079 between 2015/16 and 2019/20.  That’s whopping £869 per pupil, according to the School Cuts calculations. Beeston Fields Primary, with 46% of pupils receiving free school meals, will lose £82,043 by 2020, or £254 per pupil.

These funding cuts will:

  • Increase class sizes
  • Reduce the number of school staff
  • Squeeze extra-curricular activities and resources

What can we do?

Headteachers are speaking out about the impossible job they have trying to balance the books and offer the best education for their pupils.

Our children deserve better. A campaign group including parents, governors and teachers, Save Our Schools (SOS) East Midlands, are taking part in a National Day of Action to protest against the cuts on Thursday 22 March. More events planned for 20 & 21 April.

For information about how you can get involved see:


“My kids go to school in Broxtowe just like I did before them,” said Greg Marshall Broxtowe Labour parliamentary candidate. “It’s heartbreaking to see the cuts being applied to families by this Tory Greg Marshall (Fundingl Cuts)government. It cannot be right that as the number of billioaires increases, the number of teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) are decreasing.” He added: “It’s our children that are suffering from increased class sizes and crumbling schools – it just isn’t fair. I fully support the Save Our Schools campaign and will be there on the national day of action to help provide a better future for our kids”.


All figures are taken from the School Cuts website at:!/