Shaun Dannheimer

I first moved to Beeston when I was 10. After traveling I settled in Chilwell 23 years ago with my partner (and now wife) of 37 years to raise a family.  All 3 of our kids have grown up in the area, attended the neighbourhood schools and played in the local parks.  Now the children are adults (our youngest is currently at college) I would like to get more involved in serving the community.

My roles in the local rugby club Nottingham Casuals RFC (as captain, coach and now bar manager) and 2nd Chilwell Cub Scouts have involved me meeting and talking to a very wide range of people with many diverse opinions.  Having listened to everybody I feel well placed to be an informed representative and one committed to creating a safer and more vibrant community for all.

My main priorities were I to be elected as Councillor reflect my experiences as both a parent and volunteer.  I strongly support the provision of good, accessible youth services such as dedicated clubs and leisure facilities as well as clean and maintained outdoor play areas in our parks.  We also need to invest in ways that protect the mental and sexual health of young people in addition to fostering their general wellbeing.

I take a close personal interest in local matters and would try to broker solutions for the mutual benefit of different residents.  I am aware parking in our ward has been an issue, particularly around schools and youth clubs at the busiest pick up and drop off times.  We can and should work together to ensure a positive outcome that is safer and less disruptive for locals as well as visitors.

Shaun Scout

We need to take care in protecting our local environment and the Council has an important role to play in making it the easy, practical and sensible option for residents to re-use or recycle wherever possible.

Over the longer term I believe Broxtowe requires more accommodation to serve the needs of different groups in our community from the young to the old.  Consequently I would urge the Council to build more affordable properties for rent in to complement the Borough’s existing housing provision.  This would be a highly practical way in which a progressive Labour led Broxtowe can and will make a difference for the benefit of our great community.