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Sheikh Assab

I am privileged by the opportunity to give Nuthall & Kimberley everything I have in the upcoming County Council election in May. This area has been my home for over 20 years and I’m proud to walk amongst a loving, diverse and caring community.

But, there is much we can improve on. Nuthall and Kimberley has been neglected by lazy Conservative councillors and its potential ignored.

As we move out of the Pandemic, we must be spirited about growth and development. We mustn’t be stagnant. Especially for our fellow neighbours, the ones who have struggled most over the past year.

Nuthall and Kimberley deserves someone passionate about everyone’s quality of life, not just a select few. You deserve someone with the energy to always push for the best.

The best in the development of Kimberley’s high street, Nuthall’s green spaces, support for struggling families, the quality of your roads, education and opportunity.

Vote for Sheikh, and I will make this happen. #VoteLabour