Sue & LornaI am a 47 year old proud mother of three children and a grandmother to two wonderful granddaughters. My two sons and daughter (Lorna is also standing for the first time in this election) are now all grown up having attended schools in Stapleford before going to the local colleges.

I’m originally from Bestwood Village, the daughter of a striking miner who has seen the devastation caused to communities by the sudden loss of jobs and hope.  I moved to Broxtowe 26 years ago when I married, initially living in Chilwell before settling in Stapleford and moving in to our present home in the middle of our ward, the one I am currently standing to represent.

My working-class background and the values instilled in me by my parents make me determined to ensure all people have their voices heard.  In Stapleford, we face many challenges with too many children attending school hungry.  Many students find their education blighted because they don’t have the required equipment to participate in classroom activities as their parents, many in full-time work, are struggling to provide on their poverty-pay and zero-hrs contracts.  Hard pressed families often have trouble in covering basic expenses.  And then there is the spiralling cost of housing.  Having previously lived in Broxtowe Council accommodation I know how vital it is to have affordable homes available for those striving to make ends meet.

Fae & EvieSince taking power the Conservative administration’s callous and indifferent attitude to housing has left some of those most in need in appalling circumstances.  If you don’t have a roof over your head how can you be expected to positively function as a member of our community?  When the Council was Labour-led we were proud to say that we had no homeless people in the Borough.  As a supporter of Broxtowe Youth Homeless, I know only too well how much that has changed – and not for the better…

Elsewhere, our high street struggles to remain commercially viable and is in desperate need of some investment.  A Broxtowe Labour Council will invest in Stapleford town centre as one of its priority issues as it is vital to maintain a thriving hub to support and sustain vital services in our community.  We need more resources not less at this critical time including for basic things.  I am concerned about transport links to our town.  It’s a cliché, I know, to complain of pot-holes but the state of our roads is more akin to something from a Mad Max film than the foundation of a 21st century infrastructure!

Yet for all the problems facing Stapleford, we are cheerful, hard-working and civic-minded. Working together with such great community-minded people will be at the heart of everything I do as a Councillor representing the ward.



As an adult student I had the privilege of attending local colleges to study photography and computerscience. I used my photography skills to support the local music scene and up and coming bands from the area. I was proud to be published in high-profile music magazines including Power Play and Classic Rock.  I have many interests, mostly art based, but I also like to get my hands dirty in the garden. I’m not afraid of hard work.

I hope to count on you because you can count on me. Together we can improve Stapleford for all our residents. Yes, we can make Stapleford a place for the many, not the few.