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Considering whether to vote tactically in Broxtowe? 

Five expert websites have all independently confirmed Labour’s Greg Marshall is the only viable alternative to Conservative Darren Henry

1. The YouGov MRP study, published during the campaign and based on the largest, most authoritative representative sample available, has called Broxtowe a two horse race between Greg and his Tory rival from Wiltshire.  Both are vying for first  The graph below from pollsters YouGov, a leading member of the British Polling Council, confirms this:

Tory turned independent Anna Soubry is now a distant third (NB the ‘Other’ category also includes three other candidates standing in the constituency), with the Greens a clear fourth.  Neither candidate has any realistic chance of winning Broxtowe on 12th December.

2. The key has just declared for Greg4Broxtowe having waited to make its decision based on the latest up to date information available:

3. Another reliable tactical voting site- has come to the same conclusion:

2017 election results

Conservative 25,983 46.81%
Labour 25,120 45.25%
Liberal Democrat 2,247 4.05%
UK Independence Party 1,477 2.66%
Green 681 1.23%
  • Margin: 1.55%. This is a marginal seat.

4. The website Remain United has recently made clear its recommendation in Broxtowe:

5. Finally, having reviewed the best available evidence, the British policy expert and German based Green Party activist Jon Worth has called Broxtowe for Labour: