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The Tories and the NHS:  Taking Us All to the Cleaners


According to his Linkedin profile Broxtowe’s Conservative candidate became a Programme Manager for the outsourcing firm, Carillion, in July 2014 and was based at Great Western Hospitals in Swindon. In September that year, the BBC reported ‘serious issues’ with the company’s performance.  The Hospitals’ management subsequently called in lawyers ‘having lost confidence in its private finance initiative service provider after it failed to maintain standards of quality and hygiene’.  It would appear our Tory candidate had been brought in to try and help resolve the crisis, but no doubt having seen the mess caused by the company, he duly left the job and the firm’s employ.

Mr Henry’s six months’ work will have given him first-hand experience of how damaging the privatisation of our NHS has been, for both the GWH where he worked in Swindon and our own Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.  NUH Trust was forced to take several services back in-house when Carillion finally collapsed in January 2018, after years of woeful performance and having clocked up a whopping £900 million of debt.  Hospital managers had already been given a clear warning of how badly the disgraced firm was performing when it stripped the shoddy company of its cleaning contract worth £200 million, due to its complete dereliction of duty.  That contract was taken back in-house and standards of hygiene rapidly improved.  While Carillion executives made off with handsome, over-inflated, salaries before their company went bust, hospital patients, staff and taxpayers have been left counting the cost of another disgraceful example of mismanagement of our frontline public services.  Broxtowe’s Tory candidate knows from first-hand experience that the NHS is not safe in Conservative hands